LRC's team comprises of industry leading experts and highly experiencedin the fields of international management standards, recruitment and immigration. We are independent of vendors and certification bodies, and encourage our clients to select the best fit for their needs and objectives. We have multi-disciplinary teams that can undertake challenging projects and accomodate the client's staffing and other requirements.

We have also team of dedicated professional educators and trainers with great enthusiasm. All of our professional trainers are highly qualified in their respective fields including recruitment, education and immigration. We continually aspire to stay current with the highest qualifications in IT, Business and related sectors. Our educators have specialized in providing world-class services for standards, qualifications and assessment by designing, development and evaluation projects for academic, vocational and professional qualification system.

Our goal is to help learners in achieving their learning objectives, and we achieve this goal through a relentless desire to exceed them and with a positive approach.